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Welcome to the world of Joi Seracha. I’m so happy you’re here!

I’ve been directing films, commercials, music videos and web series for almost 30 years. But something happened at the end of last year that rocked me to the core and made me write a new kind of project that I haven’t before. I couldn’t take the suffering I was seeing around the world on the news and on my phone - constantly. I was terrified my own mental health was disintegrating. I felt anything I wrote or said would be insignificant in a world of such ignorance and violence. It was paralyzing.

But, there was only one way out of this darkness for me - to create from it. To reach others who felt the same way. And to explore the question of How do we find hope? And I would do this using comedy.

So, I wrote WHO IS JOI SERACHA? It’s not a typical movie. A fictional documentary it uses satire, current events and the breakdown of mental health to show what we’ve become as a society - but that culminates in a way that brings us back to the light inside. Sometimes you have to break down to break through.

Break down, Joi Seracha does. In a world she already feels she doesn’t belong in, she is used and manipulated for the gain of others. But in the darkest hour, she reaches within and finds her power. She realizes she was never alone. By the end of the movie, the spark in Joi Seracha becomes the spark in all of us.

It’s part WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, part TRACEY ULLMAN, and part personal medicine. My vision for this film is that it is raw and personal and beautiful and poetic. That it has reach and impact and touches a diverse audience whose hearts need healing and laughter.

I can’t wait to get this film on screen and into the hearts of everyone. But first, I am raising 15K in development funds so that I can: Run data to target my audience. Build that audience. Create a line item budget. Hire a brand integration team. Form a LLC and cover legal fees. Put this all together to craft a package that makes sense to investors.

Plus, who doesn’t love a TAX WRITE-OFF?

Your donation comes with a non-profit donation receipt. I've partnered with FROM THE HEART PRODUCTIONS:  

1013 Harbor Blvd #53, Oxnard, CA 93035

You can help me by donating and/or sharing this project or reaching out to me about other ways to get involved.

Join me in this movement of light and laughter via the power of cinema! I’m looking forward to it!

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